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Tigray Community Houston is a non-profit organization founded in June 2017 by Tigriyans residing in Houston, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Our community's primary purpose is to foster a sense of brotherhood, friendship, and cooperation among its members.

Our community aims to:

1. Cultivate and reinforce bonds of brotherhood, friendship, and cooperation.
2. Unite our collective skills, experiences, time, and financial resources to advance our common goals.
3. Instill love, mutual respect, and a deep understanding of our Tigrayan identity in the minds of our children.


Our community's mission is to:

1. Create a non-political and non-religious platform where we can work together harmoniously to achieve shared objectives.
2. Facilitate the exchange of resources, including experiences, skills, finances, and time, to strengthen our unity while advancing as a community.
3. Foster an environment of camaraderie, friendship, and affection among our members, preserving and ensuring the continuity of our achievements.
4. Establish a support network for members during times of challenges that exceed individual capacity.
5. Educate our children about their Tigrayan identity, culture, history, and language, empowering those born here or arriving in childhood to grow with this awareness.
6. Provide comprehensive services as outlined in our bylaws and other services that members may require, even if not explicitly mentioned.
7. Maintain an open forum that encourages member participation through the internet and other technological communication platforms, promoting transparency and accountability.

We are dedicated to promoting unity, preserving our cultural heritage, and supporting one another in pursuit of our common goals.

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