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Tigray community Houston is a non-profit institution established in June 2017 by Tigriyans who reside in Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas. The community is established to strengthen brotherhood, friendship and cooperation among the community members.


The community is established to:

  • Strengthen  brotherhood, friendship and cooperation

  • Unite our skills, experience time and finance to promote our common goal

  • Bestow love, mutual respect and understanding of our Tigrayan identity to our children


Mission of our community:

  • To establish a non-profit forum free from politics and religion where we work united for our common goal.

  • To facilitate the process of sharing our resources such as experience, skill, finance and time and strengthen our unity while marching together as a community.
  • To create an environment of brotherhood, friendship and love among us and to preserve what is achieved so far and assure its continuity.
  • To establish an environment that enables us to line up beside members and contribute our support in time of challenges which are beyond individual capacity.
  • To enable our children to comprehend and realize their Tigrayan identity, culture, history and language.
  • To empower those who were born here and for those who came in their childhood to grow up with this understanding.
  • To provide complete services listed in this bylaw and other services that the members deserve but not mentioned here.
  • To allow for an open forum that assures members participation on internet and other products of technology communications that function on complete transparency and accountability.
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