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'Ashenda' is a distinctive and captivating cultural holiday celebrated in the region of Tigray. The term 'Ashenda' signifies a tall grass measuring between 80 and 90 centimeters. During this occasion, young girls adorn themselves with 'Ashenda' around their waist and their exquisite traditional attire. This festivity takes place in August, following the conclusion of a two-week-long fasting period known as 'filseta.' The celebration unfolds as groups of girls and young women traverse their neighborhoods, rhythmically beating drums and serenading with a medley of traditional songs. In Houston, the event is organized by the local Tigray community and has been celebrated with great enthusiasm in either August or September in recent years



Picnic' is the third event which will be celebrated  sometime in May.  This event has so far been hosted at  Eldridge Park in Sugarland. This Event like​ the other ones is a special festivity which brings kids, families and the rest of the community members together and enjoy some Barbecue and other fun activities tailored for kids and adults

'LEKATIT' 11  (ለካቲት 11 ) 

'Lekatit' 11 is one of the three major events in which the community  has been celebrating every year. This special event will be celebrated some time in February in remembrance of those Martyrs who had sacrificed their precious life for freedom, peace and prosperity of the Tigray people.   Details about this  event will be posted in our facebook's page and on this website as well.


The Houston Tigray Community has initiated its membership registration process. Members of the Tigray Community are encouraged to register either in person or conveniently through our online registration system. Membership fees can be securely processed through our online portal, direct deposit, or in cash.We firmly believe that unity and organization are the cornerstones of a strong community. To advance toward this objective, becoming a member is the initial and crucial step.

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