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Tigray community Houston is a non-profit institution established in June 2017 by Tigriyans who reside in Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas. The community is established to strengthen brotherhood, friendship and cooperation among the community members.

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Past Events

Ashenda 2021

‘Ashenda’ is a unique and beautiful cultural holiday celebrated in Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia. The name ‘Ashenda’ means a tall grass with a height of 80-90 cm. During this event, girls wear this tall grass, 'Ashenda', on top of their beautiful traditional dresses. This holiday takes place in August following the ending of a two-week long fasting called 'filseta'. The festival is celebrated in such a way that a group of girls and young women walk around from one house to the other or across the street by beating their drums and singing various traditional songs.

Here in Houston, this event has been hosted by Houston

Tigray community for the last few years and has been celebrated spectacularly.

What makes  this year's Ashenda celebration so unique is that we have celebrated it under this difficult time for us and for the people of Tigray back home. The main goal of this event was to do some fund raising so that we help the people of Tigray who are under this man-made starvation and Genocide.

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Upcoming Events

'Yekatit' 11  (የካቲት 11 ) 

 'Yekatit' 11 is one of the three major events in which the community  has been celebrating every year. This special event will be celebrated some time in February in remembrance of those Martyrs who had sacrificed their precious life for freedom, peace and prosperity of the Tigray people.   Details about this  event will be posted in our acebook's page and on this website as well.


'Picnic' is the third event which will be celebrated  sometime in May.  This event has so far been hosted at  Eldridge Park in Sugarland. This Event like the other ones is a special festivity which brings kids, families and the rest of the community members together and enjoy some Barbecue and other fun activities tailored for kids and adults. 

Membership Registration

Houston Tigray Community has began membership registration. Members of the Tigray Community are invited to register in person or through our easy online registration system. Membership fee can be processed through our online portal, direct deposit or cash.

We strongly believe that that the more united and organized we are, the more stronger our community will be. To achieve this goal, becoming a member is the first step.


Ashenda Houston 2018

Ashenda Houston 2018

Ashenda Houston 2017

Ashenda Houston 2017

Houston Tigray community introducing the beautiful Ashenda culture in 2018 on fox 26